Kanakapura – best location for residential investment!

Prestige Finsbury Park / Kanakapura – best location for residential investment!

A place that is the hotspot for investment and also an ideal destination for making residential real estate investments. The eminent connectivity and the variation benefit it offers are a boon to the investors. With the totality of the forces acting positively on the side of Kanakapura, the location stands strong in making the place sizzling for more and more investments.

With the metro line, “Namma Metro” coming into being, the importance of the location has further been enhanced, the green line connects the place to the city where one may travel on daily basis for their work purpose or some other of their work, also MG road has been connected nicely through an easy distance from majestic at the metro.

With the NICE roads being an indispensable part of the location, it ensures the connectivity of the location inside as well as outside the city, the two side connections of the road make sure to connect you well with the neighboring parts of the city, as in this case on one side parts of Bannerghatta and Hosur are well connected and on the other side Mysruru, Magadi, and Tumukuru are strongly connected.

What makes the place a fantastic one?

Kankapura Road presents a glittering deal that includes not only different varieties of real estate but also it takes care of the budget differences that different customers/investors may come across while deciding to invest in real estate.

Although the place has a commendable infrastructure, still the development processes and pace ensures that the place will make more development in social infrastructure, the institutions which are present here are Yellamma Dasappa institutions, and Insight academy, Jain College, Jyothy Insitute of technology, and many other also are here to make a full-fledged and complete place for residing.

A plethora of social and civic amenities can be enjoyed by the ones living in here, taking advantage of all of it you may live a life of happiness, peace, and contentment.

Prestige Finsbury Park – deriving suitability of residential real estate!

Enjoying great prospects for development, the project stands strong in its very structure and features, enjoying great connectivity to various parts of the city and around it too. Locational benefit makes the project effective in standing strong in Bangalore’s real estate market, located in Bagalur, Bangalore making the place an accurate choice for investment. The road connectivity is also adequate so that one may realize the usefulness of the project and the investment they have made in the right residential real estate.

With the best of the amenities to be enjoyed while living as a resident make life splendid and an experience where you make memories every day. The amenities which will be showered thereby in the project are a gymnasium to stay healthy, a kids activity zone, a jogging track, a Mini theatre, Yoga Pavillion for deep meditation or a session to calm your soul, a clubhouse, a swimming pool, dance and music to enjoy your lazy evenings, and many other amenities also.