What are the best areas to invest in Bangalore’s real estate?

Prestige Meridian Park / What are the best areas to invest in Bangalore’s real estate?

It is a part of our common knowledge that the real estate developments in Bangalore are considered to be far upgraded and enhanced than in any other area. This is seen to be a foremost reason which is the information technology of the place being its major part of the appraisal. The real estate market in here is witnessing a constant uprise both in terms of demand and expressable options in residential apartments/properties, as well as in other options.

Real estate has got this much importance over time of integrity and alluring resultant outputs in the city where IT majors and startups enhance the market. Being a place where the focus of the whole part is located, best of the all options are available here. The need for more workforce due to the constant increase in the market is giving rise to more ample places and opportunities for one to invest in.

As we are aware of the positive connotations of investing in a place where entrepreneurship is commanded with the best of the opportunities to invest in. it is majorly divided into two parts which are North Bangalore and South Bangalore. Both of these parts have got their importance aligned with them. Let us take a look at both of them one by one.

North Bangalore

1. Hebbal

A part flourishing and uprising importance in North Bangalore. A place has its reasons for being favorable so as this one has.

One must see the reasonable proximity which is the easy commute to the airport that is at a distance of a mere 20 KM, an abundance of transportation can be found here, also living near a self-sustaining ecosystem makes life more cheery and happier, various IT sectors and employment zones are in close distance, many other such features of this prime location will help you make the best possible decision.

2. Devanahalli

The biggest perk of investing here is to take an escape from the infamous traffic and the regular noisy environment. The part of its connectivity being smooth is enhanced when we talk about the vicinity of the airport being only 5 KM away. Also, the connection with the satellite ring road makes one analyze the part more for investment purposes. This is a place where you will not only find internal peace as well as external calmness. All of these will make you lean forward to investing here.

3. Yelahanka

Finding a place that will be adored significantly in the future is truly a blessing. Similar is the eminence of this particular place which has accurate undeveloped lands that give prominent way to upcoming luxurious projects as well as a high return on investments in the future. The boosted connectivity is due to the close vicinity of the metro station, also Kempegowda International Airport is at a distance of 20 KM only. This gives way to a place of a total package of happiness and eminence in the lifestyle.

South Bangalore

1. Sarjapur Road

The name itself describes a lot. Being a prime location, it has smooth connectivity with places via the outer ring road, NICE roads, and others giving rise to its increased importance in the real estate market of Bangalore.

The place has been well known for significant developments in recent times. The place is well connected to the major commercial hubs as well as IT hubs giving way to a significant rise in the demand for real estate particularly here. Educational institutions, reputed hospitals, and numerous malls are located nearby the place for increasing the standard of living, to a more comfortable and calmer lifestyle.

2. Electronic city

Being located in south Bangalore it is the house to many MNCs making it an integral part of the chain of real estate investment. Easily accessible areas include NICE road, Bannerghatta, and many other such areas. Being centrally located it experiences a consistent uprise in the return on investment which is recorded to be an increase of 14.95 percent over the last year. Close vicinity to the civic amenities becomes a major advantage for the whole part of investment here, also educational institutions are near the place.

Prestige Meridian Park – located in south Bangalore

A favorable location as also stated above is located in Marathahalli, Sarjapur road, Yamare Village, Uttarahalli, which is favorable for investment purposes in multiple ways. It is a project given in by the prestige groups which is well known in the realm of the real estate market. Located in a wide area of 180 acres with 2,680 units inside to reside, it has all the primitive as well as lavish features which a modern buyer would demand while looking for a suitable option for residential investment.

The place is optimistic and seen to gain high returns on investments shortly as the records of the place state. 3 BHK apartments are being offered here with ample facilities to be offered here. 5 towers are created for uniform distribution of space and units.

Also analyzing the amenities of the apartment will contribute to a healthy and renowned lifestyle to be achieved. A common garden, a place for indoor games, a clubhouse, a skating rink, shopping center, library, spa, amphitheater, a Wi-Fi facility, a lift, fire safety, and what not be stated there are many other amenities that can be a way to take advantage of full leisure.

The carpet area of the apartments is given in to be 943 sq. ft. with the most eminent of the floor plan, spacious bedrooms, adequacy in use of the space hence no such wastage of the space given for constructing the apartments. The facility of home loans is also thereby provided with easy installments and a compensated interest rate to ensure you do not have to compromise on purchasing your dream home due to insufficient money in the present.

“what looks forward is a beautiful lifestyle and elegant virtues to be maintained in the real estate.”